OPERATECH is a network constituted by excelling companies basing their operations in the beating heart of the technological Italian entrepreneurship land, the region Emilia Romagna. The network aims to stand out by its competitive and highly integrated organization to strongly react to market changes. The persons joining our group are expression of the commitment of a team with common aims, people who strongly have in their roots the “Emilianity” synonymous of efficiency, competitiveness and  sympathetic characteristics.

OPERATECH is the network of companies linked together by a strong co-operation, having the ability to meet the nowadays and future challenges, by offering specific services, technologies and reactivity; such elements are the essentials key principles inn an always more and more globalized and performing market panorama. Consolidated experience renewed by an active as well as dynamic young entrepreneurship enable the companies part of OPERATECH to match with those customers peculiarly caring to product and process innovations; nevertheless proposing as a strategic partner for technologically advanced solutions both in their realization and distribution.

Services and technologies all together proposed by the network without sacrificing flexibility, creativity, skills and competitiveness given by each single company. The network, acting as one, supports its customers even by an integrated informatics system supporting the supply chain management, the warehouses and even supporting consignment stock solutions.  

Hard not to appreciate this “pole” of opportunities, a chance to co-operate at various levels and by different development phases, from stile design to project of the product itself, from prototype till product engineering, from quotation up to the management of tested and complete products, from production logistics to after-sale distribution logistic.

Coming in operation with OPERATECH means obtaining value, being a company of OPERATECH means giving value.