T.M.P. has been founded in 1980 and is characterized by the high quality standards of the production of high-precision mechanical parts. It performs milling, 5 axis turning operations, threading and boring on different types of materials, also creating productions with all types of heat and/or surface treatments for small-medium and large series. The company is provided of different tools in order to grant a high precision and quality products availing of specific dimensional control instruments.  Each different stage of the working process can be detailed thanks to a specific metrology area equipped with three-dimensional devices and specific tools for dimensional inspection both during the production and in the final product testing.  More than 30 years expertise combined with high quality levels together with a great commitment for always better solutions, enabled TMP to become the right partner for those companies even working in an international panorama.  The certification makes it according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for a flexible, service-related and well structured company that is the challenge of the most demanding customers.

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