LIFE ELETTRONICA presents as a company skilled in electronic boards and systems since 1982, offering a wide range of services including industrialization and assembly of the final product (EMS, Electronic manufacturing service), more the company plays a more complete role by offering design and development of the products required (ODM, Original Design Manufacturing). All processes undergo strict controls and are UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified. Life Elettronica grants the traceability of all components during the entire production chain, ensuring absolute excellence and flexibility standards.  IPC qualified personnel is able to manage any kind of manufacturing, both with Sn/Pb alloy and Lead free one. Tests like ICT, J-TAG, Boundary Scan, Flying Probe, Board Test, Chamber Climate, can be carried out thanks to forefront instruments. The expertise of the company wants to satisfy customers, even those mostly quality caring such us those of sectors like automotive, biomedical, industrial, telecommunication, radio frequency, safety and many more. 

41126 MODENA (MO)
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