What companies are nowadays more and more facing is the constant need of the market to produce in very fast times together the saving costs demand coming from customers beside may more aspects. The need to manufacture complex parts, keeping near to zero the manufacturing scraps; supplying a highly performing prototype able to be compared to the production series; and more deeply giving voice and improving customer’s projects having the chance to look at a real 3d finished prototype, are the new frontiers to be competitive in the time to market.

Ghepi, as a company specialized and consolidated in the plastic injection moulding sector, a successful model of female entrepreneurship succeeding in the familiar project, born 40 years ago, has chosen to be a step forward in the technologies.  

Maria Cristina Gherpelli, c.e.o of the company, relates: “Exhigencies evolve and times collapse more and more. A 3D printing using FDM-Fused Deposition Modeling  technology is the answer which enables us to follow customers rapidly and efficiently. Thanks to this innovative printer, we realize assembly tests and prior-to-use tests with utmost precision, notice out, prevent and correct eventual anomalies giving the chance to act on moulds; further to the chance to try-out and propose modifications impacting on those important phase of product engineering and cost saving analysis.

Such features are obviously in addition to the advantage we have by presenting the final product and a small pre-serie production cutting the times ofted in the regional county of Reggio nell’Emilia. Since 1972 operates in the plastic moulding. The company covers a wide range of applications, among those are even the most exigent ones, leading Ghepi to be a reliable and skilled partner for all customers approaching them.

Ghepi has achieved the accreditation of the Laboratory of Search to the High Technology Emilia-Romagna Net, the Laboratory of Search deals with Industrial Search and Technological Transfer in the followings sectors: metal replacement; Innovative materials among which the biopolimeris, nanocomposits and polymers for design solutions; technological transfer applied to the design review and reverse engineering.