PTL: new partner for Operatech

Starting January 2016 two more companies joined officially OPERATECH increasing the value, experience and skills of the Group of companies from Emilia Romagna lands. PTL represents one of them. A company which is born and has developed in the plain territory of Emilia, specifically in Mirandola; since the very beginning its primary job is the processing of stainless steel and iron; research and investments let the company to constantly develop and increase during its experience started 40 years ago.


From the words of Mr. Luigi Mai, leading guide and owner of the company, the reasons convincing him to join Operatech – advanced solution network: Mr.Mai, which are the reasons that convinced you to join the network? (L.M.) “PTL deeply believes in new challenges and really believes these are a great opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. All businessmen of Operatech share not only a technological project, but values and culture, and this makes of them a cohesive group; all such features convinced us immediately.

Which additional value do you think your company could bring to the network, and vice-versa? (L.M.) “The information exchange is for sure the first coming out naturally when entrepreneurs meet; this is a precious value itself which helps developing the company and personal-professional knowledge; for what concerns PTL, well we mean to build a “team” concept and develop projects working together.

Thinking about the network OPERATECH in the future, what do you expect in 3 years? (L.M.)“In 3 years I expect the network to be able to design-manufacture-sell its own product with a high technological value.